All guests of Art Avenue Hostel have a unique opportunity to stay in the city center. Our new hostel of the Art Hotels Group chain, opened for guests in 2019.

Friendly staff, home furnishings and a warm atmosphere await you at Art Avenue Hostel.
The hostel’s location makes it ideal for exploring Tashkent. The hostel is located in Yakkasaray district. Not far from the hostel Art Avenue Hostel – Makro supermarket (10 minutes walk), many cafes, bars, restaurants and much more.

The Art Avenue Hostel has 6 hotel rooms, 42 with one or one large and two and three twin beds. The hostel has rooms for separate male and female companies, for couples, as well as individual single rooms.

All rooms are equipped with TV, air conditioning and everything necessary for a comfortable stay.
The hostel has a well-equipped kitchen where guests can cook for themselves upon request.
A continental buffet breakfast is included in the price and runs daily from 7:00 to 10:00 in the morning.
Wi-Fi access is free throughout the hostel.
You will see that Art Avenue Hostel can be a real highlight of your trip, which you will remember for a long time


  • Kitchen
  • Emergency
  • Phone
  • Hairdryer


Water 500 ml2 000 сум

Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite 500 ml5 000 сум

Juices 250 ml6 000 сум

Coffee6 000 сум

Lemon tea6 000 сум

Tea2 500 сум

Flat bread3 000 сум

Bread assortment6 000 сум

Rice5 000 сум

French fries6 000 сум

Uzbek Plov for 5 persons120 000 сум

(Баранина, рис, морковь, киш-миш / Lamb, rice, carrots, raisins)


(Рисовый суп с говядиной, картофелем и морковью/rice soup with beef , potatoes ,carrots)

Chicken noodles12 000 сум

Chicken noodle soup

Pelmeni12 000 сум

Dumplings with meat

Caesar18 000 сум

(айсберг, куриная грудка, помидоры, майонез, сыр/ ceberg, chicken fillet, tomatoes, mayonnaise, cheese)

Smak15 000 сум

(помидоры, сыр, сухарики, чеснок, майонез/ tomatoes, cheese, rusks, garlic, mayonnaise)

Pickled vegetables10 000 сум

(Маринованные помидоры, огурцы / marinated tomatoes, сcucumbers)

Fresh assortment8 000 сум

(помидоры, огурцы, зелень / tomatoes, cucumbers, greens)

Russian salad15 000 сум

(Колбаса, картошка, морковь, огурцы, майонез, яйцо / ausage, potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, mayonnaise, eggs)

Greek salad15 000 сум

(ретакса, помидоры, огурцы, маслины, листья салата / etaki, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, lettuce)

Achichuk7 000 сум

(Помидоры, огурцы, лук / tomatoes, cucumbers, onions)

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